Enneagram Coaching

Why the enneagram? The enneagram is a tool that helps us understand how we interact with the world, what motivates us, and how to develop empathy for others. It employs a typing system with 9 personality types that are described by each type's core desire. As we come to understand the unique way that we each embody our type, we begin to be able to choose different ways of operating. The enneagram moves us towards freedom. Enneagram wisdom gives us warning signs for when we are moving into unhealthy patterns, as well as helpful pathways we can walk down to grow in our self- and other-awareness. In my experience, one of the biggest gifts the enneagram offers us is a way of moving beyond dualistic patterns of thinking and understanding the world. Paired with contemplative practices, the enneagram is a tool for deep and lasting spiritual formation. As queer people of faith, identity formation and integration tend to be a long journey with multiple stages. I've personally found the enneagram to be a helpful companion on my own journey, and I believe the self-awareness and self-actualization the enneagram offers could be helpful for yours as well!

The goal of our sessions together will be to build a healthy framework for understanding the enneagram and to help you on your way to identifying your number. Once you feel confident with your number, we’ll talk about steps you can take to grow, as well as how to identify when you’re slipping into old and unhealthy patterns. Ultimately, my goal is to equip you with the ability to continue your journey with the enneagram for a long time. I look forward to working with you!

If you have any questions about starting this journey or what we do please reach out to one of our team members via email or our contact form.