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The Christian Closet is an online therapeutic resource for people who are trying to work out what it means to have a LGBTQI sexual identity, or gender identity within a Christian context.  What we do is meet with people from all over the world via the web as they begin to explore who they are and how this identity can co-exist beautifully with a faith and relationship with God.  As we’ve done this work what we’ve found is that journeying with a LGBTQI Christian therapist, coach, or spiritual directior provides a unique opportunity to work through issues of faith, church trauma, questions about God and the Bible, as well as navigating the muddy waters of dealing with non-affirming friends and family.  

Gay, straight, bisexual, lesbian, transgender, intersex, or queer, all of the above - God loves you as you are, period.  And yet we also know how hard it is to believe that when so many people say otherwise. This is a safe place for you to process your feelings, experiences and beliefs.  It’s okay to have doubts, wonder about what the Bible really says about being queer and explore God’s leading in your life. Our hope and goal is for you to become more fully alive, happy and healthy.

In addition to individuals who are going through this process, The Christian Closet also holds sessions with straight family members, church leaders, and friends who are trying to work through what it means for someone special in their life to be "out."