Part of our mission is to journey with LGBTQ Christians through the work of counseling, coaching & spiritual direction. We meet with clients one-on-one via video to create a safe, caring, and competent environment. It is within this time that we can begin to explore how best to get you to the place in your life you so desire. Our sessions can be a space to explore feelings, beliefs, faith, challenging experiences, identity formation, grief, and any intersection of these things. Recent research shows that individuals who identify as LGBTQ who identify religion as important to them are more likely to experience greater distress and increased mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. We don’t want you to experience that in isolation.

Coaching in particular is an active and creative process between client and coach that is specifically tailored to (1) empower individuals to identify gaps between who they want to be and how they are currently showing up in their own lives, (2) implement actionable steps to close those gaps, and (3) create a more authentic, passionate, and aligned life.

Our coaches are highly creative and intuitive, integrating research-based methodologies to bring heightened awareness to our clients while also equipping them with the tools, techniques, and insights to shift internal blocks and create a way of doing life that is in line with who they want to be and how they desire to show up - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Coaching with may be right for you if you are interested in…

  • Cultivating greater self-awareness and authenticity in all aspects of your life

  • Growing in your own faith and spirituality as you navigate your experience as an LGBTQ+ person of faith

  • Fully integrating *all* of who you are and living a more fulfilled, wholehearted life

  • Re-imagining your faith journey and the new possibilities that accompany a life free from shame

  • Moving away from compartmentalization and into holistic integration

  • Navigating hope, healing, and new spiritual horizons

  • Completing the goals you have delayed accomplishing while developing an understanding of the internal and external blocks which have impeded past growth

  • Learning how to interact in faith communities post coming-out

  • Reconstructing your spiritual paradigm

If you have any questions about starting this journey or what we do please reach out to one of our team members via email or our contact form.