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The Christian Closet is proud to offer a recurring online support group for LGBTQ Christians. We offer several group options lead by two of our therapists that covers identity development, family issues, loss related to identity, building resources and community, faith, and mental health. These groups are for folks of all ages who want support, community, a safe place to ask questions, and connection to LGBTQ Christians all over the world. 

We believe these groups are important for many reasons:

  1. LGBT individuals are 3 times more likely to experience mental health issues versus those that identify as straight/cis,

  2. Being closeted and without community/support significantly increases the risk of mental distress, depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, and

  3. Mental health services in which providers are not affirming and knowledgeable of LGBTQ issues significantly decreases effectiveness of those services.

If you believe this is a service you could benefit from please contact Contact us.