Hi, my name is Brit Barron and I am a pastor, wife, speaker, writer and proud member of the LGBTQIA community. I have been in ministry for about a decade since finishing my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Azusa Pacific University. I have always had a deep desire to walk with people along their spiritual journey and ask honest questions about ourselves, God and
others that will get us to the places we want to go. Spiritual direction, spiritual formation and pastoring are three of my favorite things and I consider it an extreme privilege to be able to participate in these things with those of us who have been told that our sexuality takes away from our spirituality. I have been told those things too and unpacking that lie and getting to a place of confidence with who God is and who I am has been a true gift.

I grew up in the evangelical church and after grad school, I found myself as one of the pastors at a very rapidly growing mega church. It was in this non-affirming environment that met a woman who forced me to begin to understand the trueness of my own sexuality (spoiler alert, that woman is now my wife). I felt deeply that I had to choose between my sexuality or my calling. I didn’t believe that I could have both. It was a journey but I eventually realized that you CAN absolutely have both. This was not a choice, this was a chance for me to get closer to God and closer to myself and I am grateful everyday for realizing that chance.

I now pastor at an affirming church and get to live life with my incredible wife, Sami, our dog Barkley and a community of amazing people. It's my dream in life to walk with as many people as i can on the journey that me and my wife went on; realizing that we do not have to choose our sexuality or our faith but they actually make each other stronger.

If that is interesting to you, let's talk more!

My fee is $110 with a slight sliding scale for students.