My name is Aaron Brown. I'm a gay counselor,  psychiatrist and pastor in North Texas. I grew up a "PK" (pastor's kid) in a very loving family. My church was always a great source of comfort and support for me. I went to medical school pursuing Psychiatry intentionally seeking to avoid following my father into ministry. (I failed! Lol).

I have been practicing Psychiatry for 10 years and now I work as a medical director of an inpatient psychiatric facility. During that time I also attended Dallas Theological Seminary and worked on staff as a minister and counselor at a local church in Sherman, Tx. I had committed myself to being single believing that the Bible clearly taught against same gender relationships. It was actually my work as a minister and time in seminary that brought me into a LGBTQ affirming space. I came to understand scripture as a library of people and their understanding of God and not a God-dictated rule book. That allowed me to understand that God has deemed all things good, very good in fact.

I now spend time with my boyfriend and his four amazing kids participating in all the comic book nerdom and Gospel music we can find. The church (The Church at Texoma) we've planted continues to grow and has become a safe space for LGBTQ Christians and allies to worship together and forge new family bonds. My passion has become helping people sort through their unhealthy thought patterns and ways of coping with trauma, abandonment, and rejection so they can experience being loved for who they are and not in spite of that.

Aaron is accepting new patients! His fee is $130 with openings to accept sliding scale patients based on income.