About Robb

My name is Robb Kornoelje and I’m a licensed therapist in the state of Michigan. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Christian Leadership from Cornerstone University and a Master of Arts in Counseling from Spring Arbor University. I am currently enrolled in a Sex Therapy Certificate program at the California Institute for Integral Studies. I enjoy walking alongside those who are struggling to reconcile their beliefs with their sexuality.

A picture of me growing up is to imagine evangelical christianity were a swimming pool and I was in the center of it on a raft sipping a virgin pina colada. Picture me there reading Carmen’s book called Raising the Standard while listening to DC Talk’s song I Don’t Want It. My youth pastor was so proud of me. (I hope you get the 90’s purity culture references)’

At the same time, I had a secret that threatened my raft. I could not allow anyone to know that I was attracted to men. The extreme fear of being found out and therefore not loved by those around me and God was eased when I enmeshed myself in all things “Christian”. I spent 18 years closeted and in fear while in full time ministry until I finally had the courage to be honest and admit to myself and my community that, I’m gay.

My world was turned up-side-down as my wife, family, kids and friends struggled with this truth. I resigned my position at the church and the safety of being a white privileged straight male. Time and therapy were necessary healers as I was able to give away the indoctrination.  It was holding me back from being a healthy person who is no longer conflicted about my faith and sexuality. 

I enjoy spending time with my three children and boyfriend of 5 years. I love to be by the water and travel to Florida in the winter and to the lake in the summer. 

Through the Christian Closet I offer group work and individual sessions that start at $140 per session. I have a limited amount of space for sliding scale clients.